Thursday, 26 June 2008

Red Moons & White Sands

Monday, 23 June

After a final night in Cairns (sniff) we headed down to Magnetic Island. I was a rough 6 hour bus trip down to Townsville followed by a ferry across to the island. We stayed at a hostel called Base which was right on the beach and our rooms were little shared beach huts. The island was beautiful. Our first night was pretty relaxed (expect for trying to make dinner - there was one kitchen for the 300 guests that it holds - was a bit crammed and irritating!). We spent the next day just sunbathing and sleeping - this was suposed to be my first lye in of the trip but I was rudely awoken by a couple in the opposite bed - not cool people!!! We had a bit of drink that night and watched the red moon rise over the water and behind the mountains, then danced our little feet off the to proclaimers!

We then set of for Airlie Beach on the 25thm, another 5 hr coach ride. We had a TV in our room!! We were so excited! We had a day trip on teh Whitsundays today - we went on a ocean jet which was a lot of fun. Got thrown about and got very wet. We stopped of a various islands and saw some aborigonal art and did a bit of snorkelling. Then we headed to Whitehaven beach - the most beautiful beach i think I've ever seen! The sand was so soft and white and the water was a magnificent blue colour! On the way back to shore we had a race with 2 of the other boats and a swear I thought I was going to fall overboard a couple of times!

We are just about to get the over night bus to Hearvey bay tonight (11 hrs!! ergghh!). So will update again soon!

Lots of love!


Anonymous said...

Robyn, could you tell us more about what you saw when you were snorkelling please? I'd like to be able to picture it
Love Dan x

Kate Fargie x said...

I echo Dan's comments - you got underwater pictures - or rainforest pictures - or any pictures of interesting fellow traveller types - or any thing else??? Post em up girl! or should be be going to photbucket - and if so how do I do that again??
Connie and Leslie's 60th today - went really well all except i put real 'pretend' diamonds on the corners of the amasing cake that bakers made for them in the style of 1948 wedding cake - v impressive - but guess what - was orgnaisisng pictures when cake was taken away to be cut up and hotel staff thought they were edible crystals and left them on! Oh my God - not one can be found! Think I may have killed 4 fargies! Never tell!! (they had a good party though, so that's all good.)
Lovely to speak to you yesterday - we all missing you and slightly perturbed by reported facebook message re you never coming home again - Katie following you through that an filled me in on that one today. You have to come home - Mike and I between us got all your personal documents and I got your car.
Barry's wedding next weekend - he asking after you - then Sam's 40th and then Colin is having a big bbq in honour of the shanty shacks 2nd bday - lordy - all this partying aint good for a wee middle aged bochle. wish I were doing it with you in the bush.

Robyn said...

Alright, alright, give me a chance....jeez oh! :) I promise I will post them, just trying to get through them slowly but surely! They are all on photobucket but I will eventually post them here.

Any Fargies keeled over with diamond poisoning!!!?? Haha, laughed so hard when I read that, such a typical thing to happen!

I'm NOT coming home, I told you that in my email!...or at least I'll be home but out here as soon as very possible again!

Send my love to Barry and wish him good luck on his wedding!! Will give you a phone soon!

Fish photos to follow soon! Promise Dan!!!!!

R xxxxxxxxx