Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Update - 27 May 2008

Well hello! Thought I would post a wee update just to brighten up the page!
Well I have now booked my first couple of hostels in Cairns, the first one looks AMAZING!! - Gilligan's, it's got a huge bar and pool in it plus a club right next door! :)
We've also booked a scuba diving course. Went with Pro-dive as they sounded the best - 5 days, 2 of which are spent in a classroom and pool and getting medicals etc done. Have to say I'm a little worried as I came down with a chest infection a couple of weeks ago and it still hasn't lifted yet, so I'm just hoping the Dr will give me something stronger tomorrow to kick it! After the boring classroom stuff we leave for the reef and spend 2 nights on board a boat finishing of the qualification and then pleasure diving and snorkeling! Think we get about 4 pleasure dives, plus a guided night dive! We even get a final farewell dinner with the group at the end. No bad!
We are still trying to find transport which will take us up to Daintree and Port Douglas, our greyhound passes don't seem to take us up there. So if anyone has any knowledge on this, I would more than welcome it!
What else.....I'm having a nightmare trying to get my travel card sorted, getting a travel card through STA Travel and the people there are really starting to p*** me off. First the online system won't let me pay for the thing, then my file with my identification corrupted and when I tried to talk to customer service it took me about 30 mins to even get the guy on the other end to understand what I was after! Arghhhhhh!!!!!
I'm also starting to stress at how little time I've actually got left! 2 weeks today! I'm working right up till Saturday, then me and Mike are headed down south on Tuesday to see various family members and for Mike's cousin's wedding. Get back on the Sunday and that's it, I'm off on Tuesday!
Anyhoo, I'm now off to the bank...again! I swear the staff roll their eyes when they see me coming now! :D
Lots of love! R xxx